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Board of Education April Celebrations and News

Pledge of Allegiance

Two students from East Mooresville Intermediate School were selected to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the April 9th Board of Education meeting.  Sixth grade student, Mecca Turner, and fourth graded student, Earthen Stutts, were nominated by Ms. Danielle Beaver and Ms. Aimee Slagle.  In their nomination, Ms. Beaver and Slagle said:

"Mecca and Earthen are both outstanding Students and individuals. They work hard in all core academic areas, as well as enhancement courses. Teachers know Earthen and Mecca to be diligent, responsible, and humble students who go out of their way to lend a helping hand. Their peers appreciate them for always being kind. We couldn’t be any more proud of Mecca and Earthen for their hard work and excellence of character."

MGSD April Pledge of Allegiance Leaders

ABCD Award

The MGSD Board of Education recognized Mr. Thomas Harris, EMIS Teacher Assistant, for going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.  Mr. Harris was nominated by the 6th Grade Team at East Mooresville Intermediate School.  The team said:

"Mr. Harris goes above and beyond his call of duty every single day. You can constantly find Mr. Harris in the hallway fist bumping students, calling them by name, and asking about their family. He is a positive male role model for all of our students but especially our at-risk population. He continually strives to make connections with each student in a way that makes them feel valued. This year we had a young male student who had a birthday and was upset because he worried he wouldn’t be receiving anything for his birthday. Mr. Harris purchased cupcakes for the class and anonymously provided them to celebrate this young man. Mr. Harris has high expectations for students and often discusses middle school expectations with them so they can start preparing for their future. He always enforces school and classroom expectations and encourages students to be the best they can be. Mr. Harris serves as a mentor for many students in our school. One of his mentees recently lost his dad in an accident. Their bond is special to witness as Mr. Harris has filled a void for this student. Words cannot do justice to how much love and dedication Mr. Harris demonstrates for our students on a daily basis. Mr. Harris is also an amazing support to our 6th grade team and the EMIS staff as a whole. He always has a smile to greet us in the morning, and his positive attitude resonates over the group. He has a simple way of reminding you that each day is a fresh start and that we are here for a reason. You can tell that Mr. Harris truly cares about the people that he works with and will do whatever is needed to support them. He has worked
diligently to learn content and strategies to ensure that he is co-teaching to the best of his ability. Mr. Harris is hands down our biggest cheerleader and supporter. EMIS would not be the place it is today without Mr. Harris!"

MGSD April ABCD Award Honoree

Artists of the Month

The East Mooresville Intermediate Bucket Drumming Club was awarded the MGSD Artist of the Month honor at the April Board of Education meeting.  The Bucket Drumming Club was nominated by EMIS music teacher, Ms. Serobia Clarida.  Ms. Clarida said the following in her nomination:

"Bucket Drumming Club is one of fifteen different club options EMIS students can select
each semester. The Bucket Drumming Club meets once per week for every grade
level. Students learn basic fundamentals of drumming in a high-energy and nurturing
environment. They grow confidence as they learn to work together as a group to practice and refine their rhythm reading skills. The club also has the opportunity to perform at school events such as Evening With the Arts. We are proud of the Bucket Drumming club members because they exhibit strong work ethic, stellar musicianship, and enthusiasm for what they do!"

Congratulations to the club members: Chandler Carr, Earthen Stutts, Landis Smith, Jacob White, Emma May, Hannah Contorno, Isabella Card, McKenna Bosserman, Sai Panduru, and Johnathan Warren.

Check out the EMIS Bucket Drumming Club in action!